G47 Rumford Burner

GR47-24-17 Shown

G47 Rumford Burner Specifications and Details

G47 Rumford Burner Features

The Real Fyre GR47 Burner system is for use with the Rumford Series log sets.  This system is intended for taller log sets to give a stacked fire log.

Rumford Fireplace Minimum Dimensions

GR47 Model# 24/30
Front Width 40″
Rear Width 32″
Depth 17″
Height 36′

For use with the following log sets:

Rural Oak (RUO)
Rural Aged Oak (RUA)
Rural Split Oak (RUS)

•Match lit without valve (NG only)
•Manual valve w/ standing pilot (-A)
•Automatic variable valve with remote (-17)
•Electronic Valve with on/off remote (-02)

Product Sizes



24/30 NG 95K, LP 80K