Golden Oak Designer

RDG9-24 Shown

Golden Oak Designer Specifications and Details

Golden Oak Designer Features

The traditional beauty of Golden Oak Designer or Split Oak logs add to the elegant burn of the G9 Vent-Free Burner System. Dancing flames and an ember bed, featuring an innovative reflective panel, offer comforting heat and fireside charm.

Lava Granules and Bryte Coals are included with the unit.

a number of control options are available including:

  • Manual Control
  • On/Off Remote with standing pilot (-12)
  • Variable flame height remote with standing pilot (-15)


Vent-Free Collection


G9 Series

Product Sizes

20", 24", and 30"

Burner Styles

  • G9

Fuel Options

  • Propane
  • Natural Gas


17,000 to 36,000

Additional Info

ANSI Certified