G45-SS-224 Specifications and Details

G45-SS-224 Features

The G45-GL-SS burner creates an enchanting flame picture in an outdoor fireplace when used with Fyre-Gems and Fyre-Glass. Use sand as the base and save on the amount of glass or gems required. Elevated platform provides the maximum effect of the reflective nature of these products and spread the flame for ultimate beauty and warmth.

Versatile burner with high btu capacity and sizes up to 60″

  • Extra burner in front for additional front flame
  • Special screen to enhance the fullness of gems or glass
  • Available in sizes 16 to 60 inches
  • Compatible with all RHP control systems
  • Available in see-thru models
  • On/Off Remote Option (-11)
  • Variable Flame Height Remote Option(-17/-15)
  • Electronic Pilot On/Off Remote Option (-02)