Catalogs and Manuals


Vented Catalog 2014Real Fyre Vented Catalog

Contemporary Catalog

Contemporary Alt. Catalog

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G52 Catalog Sheet 


Real Fyre Vent-Free Catalog

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 2.26.45 PMG19 Catalog Sheet

Fyrestarter insert

Fyrestarter Gas Insert Brochure

DV Contemporary-2014

Fyrestarter Contemp. Brochure


Milivolt Brochure

Milivolt Gas Insert Brochure

Burner Instructions


G31 Series Burner

G31 (Match-lit) Burner

G45 Series Burner

G45 SS Outdoor

G45-2 Burner

G45-2-GL-SS Outdoor

G45-2 SS Outdoor

G45-GL-SS Outdoor

G46 Series Burner

G4 Series Burner

G4-2 See-thru

G5 Series Burner

GF Burner

G45-2-GL Series Burner

PB Burner

PB (Unregulated) Vented Burner

G22-GL Vented Burner

G22-GL-2 Vented Burner

G22-GL (Match-lit) Vented Burner

G22-GL-2 (Match-lit) Vented Burner

G52 Vented Burner

G52 Vented Burner(Match-lit)

G52 Vented Burner Systems

P45 Vented Burner 

P45 (Match Lit) Vented Burner

VG4 Vented Gas Coal Grate


G8E Unvented Burner

G9 Unvented Burner

G9-2 See-Thru

G10-24/30 Unvented Burner

G10-16/18 Unvented Burner

G18-16/18 Unvented Burner

G18-24/30 Unvented Burner

G18-2 See-Thru

G19 Unvented Burner

G21 Unvented Burner

G21-GL-2 Unvented Burner

Unvented Dos and Dont


D1 Direct Vent Instructions

D1-25 & D2-25 Direct Vent Addendum

D1 Direct Vent Gas Conversion Kit

D1 Direct Vent Gas Conversion Kit (NEW


D2 Contemporary Direct Vent Insert

D2 Direct Vent Gas Conversion Kit

D2 Direct Vent Gas Conversion Kit (NEW CONFIGURATION)

D1, D2 Pilot Electrode Clip Addendum

D1,D2 Direct Vent Pilot Orifice Conversion Instruction

D1 Direct Vent Insert (Millivolt)

D1 Direct Vent Insert (Millivolt) Thermal Disc Sensor Replacement 

D1 Direct Vent Insert (Millivolt) Conversion Kit

Decorative Overlay

Direct Vent Addendum

D1,D2 Pilot Thermostat Replacement



Valves and Remotes

SPK-20 & SPK-21

SPK-26 Pilot Kit



EPK-1M-AD Dos & Donts





APK 150(M)(P)

APK 15(P) with VR-1A Remote


17 Valve Heat Shield

17 Valve Heatshield Notice

Log Placements

Charred Series

Burnt Heritage Oak (CHH)

Burnt Rustic Oak (HCHR)

Burnt Split Oak (HCHS)

Charred American Oak (CHAO)

Charred Cedar (CHCR)

Charred Evergreen Oak (ENO)

Charred Evergreen Split Oak (ENS)

Charred Forrest (CHF)

Charred Grizzly Oak (CHGO)

Charred Majestic Oak (CHMJ)

Charred Northern (CHN)

Charred Oak (CHD)

Charred Oak Stack (CHDS)

Charred Red Oak (CHDS)

Charred Royal English Oak (CHB)

Charred Rugged Split Oak (CHRRSO)

Charred Split (CHS)

Pioneer Oak (PN)

Designer Series

American Oak (AO)

Cedar (CR)

Forest Oak (FO)

Golden Oak Designer (Low Profile Set) (RD6)

Golden Oak Designer Plus (RDP)

Mountain White Birch (MBW)

Red Oak (RED)

Royal English Oak (Designer)(BD & B)

Rugged Split Oak(RRSO)

Rustic Oak Designer [HR(D)]

Split Oak (S)

Split Oak Low Profile Set (S6)

Split Oak Designer (SDP)

Western Campfyre (WCF)

White Birch (W)

Woodland Oak (WO)



Classic Series

Coastal Driftwood (CDR)

Golden Oak (R)

Post Oak (PO)

Royal English Oak (B)

Rugged Oak (RRO)

Rustic Oak (HR)

See-Thru Series

American Oak (AO-2)

Charred American Oak (CHAO-2)

Charred Oak (CHD-2)

Charred Royal Eng Oak (CHB-2)

Chrd. Rugged Split Oak(CHRRSO-2)

Coastal Driftwood (CDR-2)

Golden Oak Designer Plus (RDP-2)

Golden Oak (R-2)

Mountain White Birch (MBW-2)

Rugged (Split) Oak(RR0-2 & RRSO-2)

Split-Oak Designer Plus (SDP-2)